A Twinatics Thank You

 This past week has been absolutely surreal. It was only a year ago when an idea came to mind. Although it was unforgettable, it was still just a simple idea. T.A.S.K then became a vision, then our dream, and now it is turning into a reality. We are overwhelmed with emotion. Although happiness and excitement have been steady feelings, gratitude has definitely taken over. We are beyond thankful for the support from our family, friends, and especially from the Baton Rouge community.  You all inspire us to continue to live out our T.A.S.K. We are so grateful for the love you have shown us. If we could personally thank each person that reads our article, we would. All of the kind words have left us feeling a type of happiness that we can’t seem to put into words. Thank you all for making our hearts so incredibly joyful.


Can’t seem to stop smiling. God is good. Life is good. 


Thank you 225 magazine for helping us spread TASK

Twinspiring article



Mar 2013





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