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Our mission is to inspire those around us to become their best selves, both physically and spiritually. We want to motivate others to find their perfect balance of life while at the same time discovering and living out their T.A.S.K. By becoming physically fit, your body and mind naturally yearn to improve in other areas of your life. We believe there is an inherent desire in each of us to become the best possible version of ourselves, and we hope to spark that desire!


The information contained on this website is based on our research and beliefs and are for educational purposes only. This information should not be used for diagnosis or a guide to treatment without the opinion and direction of your health physician. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact their doctor for proper, more professional guidance. .

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Eat more watermelon! Not that we need to be convinced. We can literally knock out an entire watermelon a day…YUM. Just know every time you take a bite of this sweet treat you are getting a powerful punch of Lycopene, which is currently the most powerful antioxidant measured in food. It is thought to play a role in preventing certain cancers and heart disease. More watermelon? Yes please! #twinatics #freshfruit #cleaneating


Cat's Colada recipe! #twinatics


Enjoying "Cat's Colada" on the beach! What could be better? Recipe to follow! #twinatics